Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Requesting ability to copy/paste data in fields Michael Moragne 0 条评论 2
Ability to share a file (attachment) on different Entities Lorenzo Basurto 0 条评论 0
Need Confirmation When Updating/Editing A Note to Avoid Overwriting the Existing Content Ben Xu 0 条评论 3
Ability to query a query field Andrew Lawrence 2 条评论 3
Advanced sort options for groups Mason 0 条评论 0
Ability to edit custom fields, highlight reply entries and AMI on Reply entity Jayesh Dalal 0 条评论 2
Universal Scene Description BRICE LEFEBVRE 0 条评论 0
New Field creation: include an option to specify a default preference for "Apply to Projects" in Site Preferences Stephen Schick 0 条评论 2
Support for hopped fields in "Custom sort field for entity groups" Site Preference Shayna Duguid 0 条评论 3
More Granular "Use As Another User" Controls Brandon Foster 0 条评论 3
I would like to add an image when I export excel. Junghwan 2 条评论 3
Color picker with unique set of colors for workday rule / Work Schedule exceptions Nephi Sanchez 0 条评论 0
Messagebox / Querybox (popups) Jon Aspeheim (IKEA Communications AB - Inter IKEA Group) 0 条评论 0
Time logs on non-project tasks Peter Nepp 0 条评论 1
Linking users to specific layouts of a page Noel Lindell 4 条评论 2
Language Support Jon Bragado 1 条评论 0
Client Review - Sync feature Loïc Poës 4 条评论 7
Hotkey for "+Notes" Heather Dinkins 0 条评论 0
Review Notes App - Need Ability to Manage Saved Layouts Heather Dinkins 2 条评论 3
Review Notes App - Need Folders For Custom Layouts Heather Dinkins 0 条评论 1
Ability to load playlist from thumbnail on detail page Janis Robertson 0 条评论 1
CustomNonProjectEntities in admin drop down Richard Dixon 0 条评论 0
Client Review Download Permissions Valerie Bestor 3 条评论 3
Playlist Folders Valerie Bestor 0 条评论 3
Skill factor on artist - combined with bidding - time managing Tina Hedegaard | Postyr Postproduktion 0 条评论 1
Filter by File/Link fields Sebastian Kral 1 条评论 0
Breakdown day into hours Teda 3 条评论 5
Ability to disable the Import menu item per permission group Huong Nguyen 0 条评论 1
Cuts with fades features (with edl files) Alexandre Aury 0 条评论 0
Filters and views Alexandre Aury 0 条评论 1