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Application icons in Shotgun Toolkit menus Fred Chapman 1 条评论 3
SketchFab Thumbnails / Reviews Aleks Berland 0 条评论 3
Client Review recipients list Philippe Stalla 0 条评论 3
Task Notification Michael Oakley 0 条评论 3
Feedback for number of selected entities Divyanshu Arora 1 条评论 3
Custom Media Pages Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 3
Tickets - Have a personnal note space Nathalie Cyr 0 条评论 3
Advanced sort for Media App Mason 0 条评论 3
Manage Share Settings For All Playlists Shared Via Client Review Site Andrew Lawrence 0 条评论 3
Delete Note from Activity Stream Mason 0 条评论 3
Setting up pipeline step graphically Daniel Harjanto 0 条评论 3
Add people to phase from creation menu (custom phase creation options) Erica Penk 0 条评论 3
Gantt Task Bar changing color based on activity Chris Jarvis 1 条评论 3
Sg7.0 EDL cut tool Rv to support BL(black slug) entries Andreas Jablonka 4 条评论 3
Multiple editors on a shotgun page tommy zhu 0 条评论 3
Can Users create multi-entity fields that have mutliple valid types? Paul Hudson 3 条评论 3
zoom closer in 'Task & Gantt' Philip Hansen 1 条评论 3
Crew Planning Philippe Stalla 2 条评论 3
Slack integration Sean Murphy 0 条评论 3
A Way to See All the Ways a Specific Field is Being Used Across Shotgun Juan Bugarin 0 条评论 3
Create and edit client_note through the API or/and permission role Sylvain 0 条评论 3
Support decimals in any number field type, including Percentage fields Shayna Duguid 1 条评论 3
Create a Note for Client Approvals in the Client Review Site Astrid Scholte 1 条评论 3
Playlists of Entities other than Versions Astrid Scholte 2 条评论 3
Identify visually the staging site Benoit Leveau 0 条评论 3
Render Login without redirect Mike Hendricks 0 条评论 3
Version as playable thumbnail in the Note attachments Alexey Borzykh 1 条评论 3
Layout for Data Source Graph pages to be show-specific (not global) melanie zaffran 1 条评论 3
Contextual Global Search Brandon Foster 1 条评论 3
Crew Planning ivarrystad 2 条评论 3