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Update Task grid in new Note form to support long display names Ben Hadden 2 条评论 2 已完成
Ability to save the layout of the Review Notes app left-pane (Versions) Ben Hadden 1 条评论 2 已完成
Filters on Shots page not returning desired results (filtering by Task status on Shots page) Ben Hadden 1 条评论 2 已完成
Update autocomplete dropdowns to support long display names Ben Hadden 2 条评论 2 已完成
Bulk Unretire / Revive Selected items in the Trash Matt Welker 2 条评论 2 已完成
HTML 5 Video field Jimmy Christensen 20 条评论 2 已完成
Non-login "People" Pliny (John Eremic) 10 条评论 2 已完成
Client Feedback Approval / Share (internal) Philippe Stalla 2 条评论 1 已完成
Client Review Site: ability to control per-user ability to leave comments / Notes Tommy 1 条评论 1 已完成
Show advanced new Project form if required fields are configured Ben Hadden 1 条评论 1 已完成
Add Level as an official entity Ben Hadden 0 条评论 1 已完成
fields - ability to view on a per-project basis clinton downs 3 条评论 1 已完成
Task cell colors based on Status Joe Frayne 1 条评论 1 已完成
bulk upload?? Bryan Holland 18 条评论 1 已完成
Multiple Project Templates Gavin Greenwalt 10 条评论 1 已完成
Project Name Field Link to Project Dashboard Gavin Greenwalt 8 条评论 1 已完成
A modest request Pliny (John Eremic) 2 条评论 1 已完成
Ability to dock the filter popup Andy Geers 1 条评论 1 已完成
FEATURE REQ: Created By info on Shared Pages Tommy Kiser 10 条评论 1 已完成
Client Review description text option Lawren Bancroft-Wilson 2 条评论 0 已完成
Approved by Client status update Sigtor Kildal 1 条评论 0 已完成
Color by Status field in the Crew Planning app Ben Hadden 2 条评论 0 已完成
Add the ability to add fields to pipeline steps Tom Wild 1 条评论 0 已完成
Project Timeline and Crew Planning Apps ability to save default custom global filters Armando Ricalde 2 条评论 0 已完成
Viewer to show still images in a slideshow format. Julia S. Bacak 1 条评论 0 已完成
Free screening room for clients Robert Grbevski 3 条评论 0 已完成
"Today"-button in the gantt view Bonsak Schieldrop 6 条评论 0 已完成
Something as the old "Global Pages" in SG 3.0 Armando Ricalde 2 条评论 0 已完成
Support 'in' filter on status list Scott Pearson 7 条评论 0 已完成
Dropdown lists to autocomplete with text typing Susan Standen 0 条评论 0 已完成