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Color by Status field in the Crew Planning app Ben Hadden 2 条评论 0 已完成
Enable scroll wheel for our menus Ben Hadden 1 条评论 3 已完成
Enable +Booking button in Booking page Ben Hadden 1 条评论 4 已完成
Add the ability to add fields to pipeline steps Tom Wild 1 条评论 0 已完成
Project Timeline and Crew Planning Apps ability to save default custom global filters Armando Ricalde 2 条评论 0 已完成
Action Menu Item enhancement : Support for in page pop-ups Patrick Wolf 19 条评论 54 已完成
Show advanced new Project form if required fields are configured Ben Hadden 1 条评论 1 已完成
Update Task grid in new Note form to support long display names Ben Hadden 2 条评论 2 已完成
Give people a way to see all playlists in a project from Media app Ben Hadden 6 条评论 9 已完成
Add Level as an official entity Ben Hadden 0 条评论 1 已完成
Ability to save the layout of the Review Notes app left-pane (Versions) Ben Hadden 1 条评论 2 已完成
Filters on Shots page not returning desired results (filtering by Task status on Shots page) Ben Hadden 1 条评论 2 已完成
Update autocomplete dropdowns to support long display names Ben Hadden 2 条评论 2 已完成
Blocking warning that requires user confirmation before pushing or reverting project configuration Ben Hadden 3 条评论 3 已完成
Project specific customization (entities, fields, statuses, and steps) Ben Hadden 14 条评论 11 已完成
Rebuild the Trash page Ben Hadden 1 条评论 3 已完成
Searchable threaded entities. Jennifer Brola 5 条评论 20 已完成
Ability to save, share and favorite Filters in Screening Room Astrid Scholte 2 条评论 21 已完成
Viewer to show still images in a slideshow format. Julia S. Bacak 1 条评论 0 已完成
Per Project Pipeline Steps Brandon Foster 1 条评论 9 已完成
Browse Playlists in the Media App Astrid Scholte 2 条评论 4 已完成
Advanced sorting capabilities with Review Notes App Stephen Chiu 2 条评论 5 已完成
Support uploading file attachments in the Review Notes App Stephen Chiu 2 条评论 20 已完成
Save Filters and Page Layout in the Crew Planning App Astrid Scholte 6 条评论 22 已完成
Duplicating Saved Filters Alex Meddick 6 条评论 9 已完成
Edit Note Replies Astrid Scholte 2 条评论 9 已完成
More details on the Project Overview's Activity Stream Astrid Scholte 6 条评论 19 已完成
Direct URL to a View on a Page Brandon Foster 9 条评论 44 已完成
Enable filmstrip thumbnails and Screening Room play icon for Query fields Astrid Scholte 5 条评论 14 已完成
Filter Panel Page filters in Screening Room DJ Hauck 2 条评论 3 已完成