Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Breakdown day into hours Teda 3 条评论 5
Ability to configure mime types available for drag an drop via media app in shotgun Kym Watts 0 条评论 0
Quick search by column field Antoine Galbrun 1 条评论 3
Allow Shortcut Keys to Frame Forwards and Backwards between Annotations that have not been yet Submitted Tram Le-Jones 2 条评论 3
Delete all annotations Astrid Scholte 1 条评论 4
Loss of Page Customization Upon Logout Douglas Lassance 5 条评论 2
Context Variables in Task Templates Tommy Kiser 2 条评论 7
Per project conditional formatting Mason 2 条评论 6
Ability to "lock" a threaded entity once closed Matt Welker 1 条评论 5
Access to Archived Project Data Beth Dewhirst 0 条评论 4
per-user fields Steven Tavernia 1 条评论 0
Customize Threaded Entity Reply Fields Brandon Foster 0 条评论 3
Duplicate Project Data Astrid Scholte 1 条评论 10
Automatic reload of shots-page on change - like google spreadsheet. VOTE NOW! Thomas Fenger 2 条评论 1
Calculated fields: Support for Timecode operations Tommy 1 条评论 1
World clock widget Hristo Velev 0 条评论 1
Status notion on Versions in Client Review Site Suhit Saha 0 条评论 1
Linking users to specific layouts of a page Noel Lindell 4 条评论 2
Summary Email Formatting Astrid Scholte 28 条评论 60
overview stream - ability to see more fields for notes Heather Dinkins 2 条评论 1
Customized display fields in the note stream Hristo Velev 0 条评论 1
Text field filters for "does not start with" and "does not end with" Stewart Graff -Visual Concepts- 0 条评论 1
Multiple "New Entity" form configurations Andy Geers 10 条评论 13 已回答
Default Value for List Field Matt Welker 12 条评论 14 已完成
Language Support Jon Bragado 1 条评论 0
Sudo as - permission groups Michelle Kee 0 条评论 1
Printing of Shots Jon Peters 6 条评论 4
Automatically apply a sort order to versions in a playlist Mason 4 条评论 4 已回答
Scheduling: Percentage assignment Andy Geers 10 条评论 15
I would like to add an image when I export excel. Junghwan 2 条评论 3