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Could you add a Create Version button to tk-multi-publish2? We work from maya and Max and users create many versions of files before it willl be approved and we can publish it. So, if we could have this button to create just version whithout publish, it was very useful! Strange it is no this possibility right now.

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    Alexey Borzykh

    Hi, Alexey

    Workfiles app is for managing your work files only. It handles file open, save and versioning.

    Your case is related to Publish app which is already has the option you are asking for out of the box.
    All you need to do is uncheck items you do not want to be published, keeping only a version item to be processed by publish.
    This is how you can have as many versions as you want uploaded to SG without creating and registering (related) published files.

    The downside of this approach is that you have to go for (dedicated) full publish of the approved version which will force the artist to spend extra time on doing this (unless you have the SG Daemon plugin or a manually running script to to it for you in background). You should also handle version number while that publish process to create published files with similar version number as the approved version.

    In other words, this approach (IMHO) could end up being a bit overcomplicated related to result you want to achieve.

    So, I'd suggest you to go for full (standard) publish process creating published files for each version, and use publish file's status to indicate use or not to use it for further processing in production pipeline. The same status can be also used by other handy apps like Loader and Scene Breakdown (if you are using them to assemble and check the status of your work scenes) to restrict un-approved published files to be loaded into scene.

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    Ковалев Алексей Иванович

    Well, I don`t see any option for version:


    We want to do this, just send file to versions: