OCIO turns off ability to view channels?

RV 7.2.3


When I turn on OCIO to view a render, my ability to view separate channels goes - all greyed out. Is this expected? If not, what might be causing this to happen?




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    (Michael) Kessler

    Hi Dave,


    I'm sorry about that!  With OCIO enabled, color channel selection requires a slightly different approach, but you can enable like-usage with a package that ships with RV.


    Just enable the `Color Channel Selection` package and you should be back to normal.


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    Dave Cook

    Hi Kessler,

    Thanks very much for the reply. But I still haven't got them showing up.

    I have enabled Color Channel Selection and in the view menu checked Post-Display Channel selection (which it asks for) and rerun everything, but as soon as I switch my Display to Active in the OCIO menu the channels vanish. Is there anything else it could be?

    Thanks again