Change Project Configuration: Pick which Custom Pages to Update

When using the `Change Project Configuration` function, you can choose to include `Custom Pages` in the mix, or none at all. Usually, you want to include some, but preserve the rest. It would be great if you could select individual pages, or a folder of Custom Pages that you can copy over to each Project when you reconfigure, vs. an all or nothing approach.


Original Client Request:

change project configuration: custom pages

  • when applying a template to a project, if you don't want to over write the custom pages that users have made, you de-select "custom pages." 
  • but if you've made some beautiful custom pages that you want to share with a project in your template update, you can either overwrite all "custom pages," which results in pain and anguish. Or you have to manually save the page into each project.
  • is there a way to include additional pages (or maybe just one folder) in a template update, without overwriting a projects existing custom pages? Otherwise we have to save each page into each project manually. 

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