Playlist ponderings

So far I deduced the following things about playlists and playlist shares, please correct me if I'm wrong!

The flow of a version to a "shared version on a playlist" is as follows

>version (single) 
--> playListVersionConnection (many)
----> Playlist (single)
------> PlayListShare (many, per user)

So what I still need to figure out is where the feedback is stored, I don't see fields for notes on either playListVersionConnection or PlayListShare.

I truly wished the system was a but more transparent, not much info on this topic, really have to manually plough through api code and docs to get hints on how it all ties together... Any pointers or clear documentation I missed would be great! Also please add to the above if I missed something.

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    Johan Boekhoven

    Ok, so I found in Playlist the notes are stored (if I get this right). I see 2 fields, 'open_notes' and 'notes'. How do these fields come into play and how are they tied to a version is it via direct link or a reverse lookup of some sorts?