Support Conditional Formatting for tasks in pipeline step columns on a per-page basis

When viewing tasks within a pipeline step column (say on a shot or asset page), there is currently no way to add conditional formatting rules to the tasks within those pipeline step columns on a per-page basis.

If you have global formatting rules for tasks, those will show in the pipeline step columns, but it would be great to be able to set rules on a per-page basis (as you can when creating conditional formatting rules on say a shots or assets page)

To add your support for this feature request, click on the "Me Too!" link below, and feel free to add comments with any additional use cases or details.

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    Jean-Paul LeDoux

    Thanks Andrew.  The more I think about this, the more flexible request might be to expand on filtering options for Conditional formatting in general.  Specifically - exposing properties of the 'Current Page'.   That way global formatting rules could include "Page->Tags" "Includes" "Rainbow Tasks".  

    Anyways, thanks for adding the request.