Automatic reload of shots-page on change - like google spreadsheet. VOTE NOW!

Re - Automatic reload of shots-page on change - like google docs.

This feature would give me a huge benefit working with many people who changes status throughout their working days.

I very often start reacting to 'old' news from a 'Shots' page, when I have not remembered to first go and click reload web page. Asking people, sending mails etc

Please do something about this; our next project is going to be on a larger scale, and I would have so much more joy from this feature, than you can imagine.

PS: Off course, I can probably teach myself always to pres 'reload' before looking, but this is a work around, which will fail, at the most annoying times.

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    Brandon Foster

    Thanks Thomas, and Tony!

    This sort of functionality is likely something we'd build a new experience around, rather than try to shoehorn into existing grid pages/widgets. The way those are set up right now; they're meant to act as an easy to refresh report. It may be disconcerting to some to see things shifting underneath them as they try to process information (while I know many others would prefer it that way).

    There's also the complexity/malleability of Shotgun to take into account when comparing this sort of functionality against something like a Google Doc. Many of our clients set up complex relationships between their entities, which in turn allow for data dense pages to be built which oftentime display information from multiple tables across the database. Add in a system that is querying for that data much more frequently, and things could go south real fast.

    So we definitely hear you. It's a complex problem to solve in the context of how Shotgun pages exist today. There aren't any immediate plans for implementation, but is something we're thinking about how to best address.

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    Thomas Fenger

    Thanks for your reflections.

    My native language is Danish, so I might very well miss some of the points here. I'm not programming-skilled either, so bear over with me.

    So it's probably a stupid question, but would it be possible to have a dedicated page, where the changes, people make to statuses, are updated, without one having to reload the page? Like 'Shots Live' or something. Then everybody else could be working like now, and those who are willing to suffer with a slower/maybe clunkier page, works with that

    For people like me, who are quite dependent upon an updated Shots' page, that would be wonderful, even if it might be slow updating.