Option to remove the , from calculated fields number display.


Tryint to reproduce the legacy 'smart_cut_summary_display' field with a calculated field. http://developer.shotgunsoftware.com/python-api/cookbook/smart_cut_fields.html

It works okay, but displays the frame ranges as: "1,001 [ 1,009 - 1,040 ] 1,048" instead of :  1001 [ 1009 - 1040 ] 1048

I would like to have a few more formatting options in the calculated fields.



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    Beth Dewhirst 正式评论

    Hi Eleroy,

    I have a suggestion that could help you remove that comma :)

    Calculated Fields follow a `float` format. There is a setting in your `Admin > Site Preferences > Language and Formatting` menu that will allow you to change how `float` numbers are displayed (as well as regular `number` fields):

    If you change this setting, it means that all `float` numbers will appear without decimal points. You can also check the "Display of number fields:" and make sure it matches your "Display of floating point fields:".

    Hope this is helpful!