Ability to query a query field

We've heard from some Studios that they'd like to be able to include the results of one query field, into another query field.

This is currently possible if using a calculated field, but not for regular query fields.

If this is functionality you'd like to see in Shotgun, please add your +1 vote, and use case below.

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    Alex Meddick

    It would be nice to query a thumbnail from the linked entity of a task. This is a feature that existed in the preferences before query thumbnails did.

    This way thumbnails could contain something before any work was submitted against the task.

    The query gets too complex (and slows down page loading) when you make a task thumbnail query search for linked assets, linked shots as well as things linked directly to the task.

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    Chris Bennett

    We track which assets are in each of our shots. Currently there is no way, using shotguns default methods, of finding out how many shots contain a certain asset, per each of our episodes. It seems that it is one too many connected entities. Queries of queries would solve this for us! +1 from me :)