Ability to edit custom fields, highlight reply entries and AMI on Reply entity

Sometimes there can be important reply entry can be lost if a note has a lot of replies.

To overcome this, we were able to add custom field to a Reply entity via APIs, but there is currently no way to set values in the custom field from the Shotgun UI as only Note entity fields are exposed in the UI.

Request 1: Ability to expose custom fields in Reply entity in Shotgun UI.

As a workaround to identify key entries, we can use a syntax in the reply and write a trigger to update a custom field if we encounter that special syntax.

Request 2: Ability to conditionally format a Reply based on a value, like how we can do create Row Formatting Rules in a grid

Above will allow us to highlight a specific reply in a note.

Request 3: Ability to have right click AMI on Reply entity

Above will allow us to launch tools related to specific actions in a Reply.


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