How to find a sg_asset_type for a specific artist name

Hi all, 

I have a little problem, I am not able to find a sg_asset_type for a specific artist name. I have this code now that find all.

filters = [
['project', 'is', {'type': 'Project', 'id': "ProjectName", "id"}],

SG_FIELDS = ['Project','id', 'name','code','sg_status_list', 'sg_asset_type','sg_artist',"sg_content"]
result = sg.find('Asset', filters,SG_FIELDS)

print result

# [{'code': 'Door', 'sg_artist': 'ArtistName', 'sg_status_list': 'wtg', 'sg_asset_type': 'Character', 'type': 'Asset', 'id': 1404}]

thanks to all

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