Python Equivalent Commands for RV Hotkeys

Hello, I'm getting my feet wet with a bit of rvpkg development. So far I've managed to get RV load up a .ui file via PySide.

However, there are tons of hotkeys that RV offers for functionality to keep a clean UI, however there are times artists/supervisors don't remember these hotkeys and I need to write another layer of UI that ties into our Review System for comments/feedback per source/node.

I'm wondering if there is a way to quickly look for the python equivalent command to some hotkeys.


- pageUp and pageDown that hops between sources in a sequence view.

- shift--left executes Go to Previous View.

It's handy that i can use ? and k to describe a key, but it'll be nice if there's the list of mu command actually being executed? or are they mostly plugins that implement these functions?

Even if i can find the mu commands, I'm having a hard time locating the equivalent python commands. The only one that's really obvious are the easy ones such as  rv.commands.play() and rv.commands.stop()

Any help would be great, especially in a cleaner python documentation for developers to get customizations via the rv python api

Thanks a bunch!

-Nicholas Lim


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