How can I edit a source in rv session file?


I have a lot of sources to manage in rv session files and I'm trying to edit them to allow rv to take the latest version of the source.

For exemple here it is the version 0002 but if a new version is created later, it would take the latest in the folder.

        string movie = "X:/***/render/shots/act2_seq10_sc01/act2_seq10_sc01_sh057/prePublish/preview/default/act2_seq10_sc01_sh057_default_v0002.mov"


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Aurelien,

    There isn't any way to store dynamic paths like that in an RV session file. You can you PATHSWAP environment variables as outlined here:


    Or you can create a package that binds to the "incoming-source-path" event to manipulate the movie string path before RV attempts to load it. If you want to pursue that approach take a look at the "OS Dependent Path Conversion" package included with RV. You can find it listed on the Packages tab of RV's preferences.

    Another approach is to try out the optional "Versioning Prototype" package also found on the Packages tab of RV's preferences.