Any reason NOT to set OpenGL Pixel Buffer Objects on by default

We had a case where suddenly playback on a job wasn't steady and it turned out that the OpenGL PBO setting had gotten turned off in the prefs of the user account driving the session and it happened to make a pretty big difference.

Assuming we're on new-ish GPUs, Nvidia Kxxxx series, running on linux with reasonably up-to-date drivers, is there any reason we wouldn't want to default to using OpenGL PBOs and only turn it off if there's a problem, rather than the other way around? For theater reviews we have a variety of AJA, BMD, Nvidia systems, any known gotchas with this setting and SDI-out to tiptoe around?



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    Jim Hourihan

    Hi Matt, generally with nvidia cards keeping PBOs on is the way to go with SDI or not. At this point in time the only place its an issue is on OS X with AMD GPUs. In that case the best performance will be no PBOs (OFF) and Apple Client Storage ON. 

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    Matt Plec

    Great, that's exactly what I needed. Thanks for such a quick response.

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    Tobias Pfeiffer

    We are currently having the issue with some EXR sequences, that the playback is very choppy (even when fully cached).

    When disabling "Use OpenGL..." playback is fine again.