is it possible to access Rv's built in progress bar?

Hey guys,

I notice Rv has a nice progress bar coupled with a text label ovelay when you export an image sequence to disk.

Is it possible to use or subclass that for use? I took a look through the Mu symbol list but could not find an equivalent.

Plan B would be to use a PyQt4 progress bar dialog, but this ^ would be cleaner.





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    Jon Morley

    Hi Jordan,

    You can read about that Mu widget if you look for ProcessInfo inside the HUD.mu file found in the plugins/Mu directory of your RV install. That works by polling RV's Mu state object for information about state.externalProcess (which can be seen is the rvui.mu file of the same directory).

    Therefore you have two options. You can implement something yourself from scratch as you alluded to wiith PyQt (or the included PySide). Or you can see if the work you are doing could be done as a Mu QProcess and fed into the state object for use with the existing ProcessInfo widget.

    For what are you attempting to monitor the progress?