.dng sequences in RV

I was thinking about using RV / rvio for batch converting .dng sequences from my Blackmagic camera to exr. RV can read the files just fine, but it does not seem to fetch the metadata correctly, resulting in my clips being displayed too dark (I guess it defaults to a certain exposure because ISO is being read as "0"). Is there any way to specify the RAW decoder settings manually (ISO, whitepoint etc.) in RV / rvio? I'm using RV for Windows (7 / 8.1).

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    Jon Morley

    Hi Martin,

    Is it possible the difference has something to do with RV's source setup process? Could you please open one of your file sets in interactive RV and then save out the session file. Next please try running RVIO on the file set in the following manner:

    rvio fileset.#.dng -o rvio_made_session.rv

    Then please send us each of those two session files. I can take a look at what is different.

    It is possible that what you are trying to do might require you to prepare a session file programmatically in advance of running it through RVIO.