Doubled last frame when cutting quicktime movie

When I run this command line from Windows with 3.12.17(32bit) RV:

rvio -v in_file.mov  -t 86493-86541 -o out_file.mov -outparams jpeg_quality=70 -rthreads 2 -wthreads 2

The in_file  FPS is at 23.976

I got an out_file that contain the cut part of the in_file.mov but with one more frame at the end, this frame is a copy of the last frame.

If I try to open it with nuke it doubled the first frame and the last frame does'nt exist anymore.

Anyone knows why?

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    Jon Morley

    Hi Patrick,

    There was a bug in that version of RV that produced the frame doubling. Have you tried again with a newer version of RV?