Resize Image on Movie Creation

Hi ,

I have another doubt regarding rvio resizing , is there any possible way to re size a image while the movie is getting created ?


for eg : I have image that's in 720 / 540 resolution and I want to make a movie with 1280 / 720 but I don't want to re size the original image .

something like this rvio [ /tmp/testSeq.####.jpg width=1280 height=720 ] -outres 1280 720 -o /tmp/test.mov

So still my source file will stay in 720/540 and I will get a movie with 1280/720 .


I hope I explained the problem :)


And sorry for keep asking more question :)



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    Kurian O.S

    ahhaaaa.. its a stupid question , I can do it with outres , never mind :)