Lin to Log Shader


Is there a way of mathematically converting Linear images to Log inside RV. The reason being is that our display linear to film lut will clip values outside the 0-1 range when applying cineSpace 3d luts directly to linear images.  So converting the image to log first will allows to use the log to film lut without loosing values above 1.

Please let me know if there is already a way of doing this.

Thanks in Advance,


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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Abel,

    You could do this with a LUT or we could add a shader to RV core.  We think both these would be generally useful, so we're working on a  Package of "pre-conditioning" LUTs that would include this one, and we'll add a shader as well.  Hopefully we'll be able to get to this during the current 3.8 beta testing period.  We'll keep you posted.


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    Abel Milanes

    Fantastic... I guess that using a .csp LUT will do the trick for now... I'm still reserching on how to do this.

    For the shader/package option it would be nice if one can have control over the lin to log variables, like offset, film gamma, display gamma, black and white points  etc.