Embedding clip range in media file

Is there a way to embed my desired range into a quicktime file that I generate with rvio? I'm running into the same problem described in this ticket:


but instead of launching with the range explicitly specified on the command line, I'd prefer to have the quicktime know that its range should always be set to exclude the leader frame, regardless of how it's loaded. Is that possible? We typically load our media through a 3rd party package (Shotgun's screening room), so we don't have much control over the actual loading process.

If it's not possible to embed this sort of metadata into the file I can talk to Shotgun to try to come up with a fix on their side, but I figured I'd start at the lowest level and work my way up.


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Aaron,

    The QuickTime container doesn't have a uniform way to specify an offset into the video stream this way. If it did it would not be frame based but timed based and it would be extremely fragile and inconsistently supported across players and readers. As far as RV goes the reply I made in the other thread is the best approach. Based on your other ticket it sounds like you might want to purse a meta-slate approach like the heads up display found here: