Same source multiple times in a sequence, with different ranges

I'm looking for the best workflow for when we have a quicktime of multiple shots and want to slot in an update of one specific shot. In our case, we'll have an avid play out of an sequence and we want to cut in a single vfx shot of dpxs. I know the formats don't matter, but I'm having trouble using the same source in a sequence (quicktime front and back) with different frame ranges...


[--- seq.mov 1-300 ----][--- vfx.dpx 1-30 ---][--- seq.mov 331-500 ---]

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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Scott,

    To get concrete, suppose we have:

    1. A 500-frame quicktime "seq.mov" with no timecode (so first frame is assumed to be "1").
    2. A 30-frame DPX sequence "shot1.1001-1030#.dpx".

    Then you should be able to set what you're after up from the command line like this:

    rv [ seq.mov -out 300 ] [ shot1.#.dpx ] [ seq.mov -in 331 ]

    Does that work for you ?