rvio H.264 ignore -outsrgb and output rec709


I'm having an issue convincing rvio to output H.264 in sRGB color space. it always output rec709 ( see attached image )

seems that the -outsrgb flag get's ignored under the hood. I wander if that's on purpose?


Seems to be lots of threads online about H.264 washed out issues.  I wander if that's related and that's way rvio output H.264 with rec709?

So I wander what codec you would recommend to keep the colors true in quicktime, that would still be playable online and on Win,Mac,Linux. 


Here's the command i'm running ( the EXR are linear space )

rvio.exe c:\TEMP\input.%04d.exr  -codec "avc1" -outsrgb -o C:\TEMP\output.mov


I'm running rvio 3.12.20 32bit on Windows ( cause of windows and quicktime codec issue )


thanks in advance,




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    Asi Sudai

    Shotgun recommendation for transcoding (using ffmpg ) is: 

    vcodec = "-vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -vf 'scale=trunc((a*oh)/2)*2:720' -g 30 -b:v 2000k -vprofile high -bf 0"
    acodec = "-strict experimental -acodec aac -ab 160k -ac 2"
    ffmpeg -i #{src_file} #{acodec} #{vcodec} -f mp4 #{dest_file_mp4}



    How do you recommend achieving similar result using RVIO?

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    Jon Morley

    Hi Asi,

    (I know we are talking about this in a side channel, but I wanted to update the forum here as well.)

    Our goal with QuickTime movie writing as of RV version 4 is to add write support to our new purely ffmpeg plugin as fast as possible. This work is currently underway. In the meantime you can use mac or linux versions of RV with our libquicktime plugin to create H.264 QuickTime movie files. We cannot legally distribute write support for patent encumbered codecs like AAC audio though, so if you want to take legal responsibility for that and recompile our libquicktime plugin to enable support, then please email us for directions.


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    Jon Morley

    (Writing is now symmetric for all platforms)