[Mu] color conversion on source


I'm currently sending commands to a remote RV (rv-Linux-x86-64-3.12.17), I want to set a color conversion on sources.

I'm using the

'setIntProperty("source_color.color.logtype", int[] {x});'  


'setIntProperty("source_color.color.Rec709ToLinear", int[] {1});'

commands, I managed to set sRGB and FileGamma, but for logtype and rec709, it does not seem to work properly, the options in the menu are not checked, and I get very dark images compared to what I have if I properly check the right option in the UI.


Plus, the reference documentation says this about logtype :

"The default (0), means no log to linear transform, 1(!!!) uses the cineon transform (see cineon.whiteCodeValue and cineon.blackCodeValue below) and 1(!!!) means use the Viper camera log to linear transform."

Wich are the right values ? 1 for cineon and 2 for viper ? How do I use alexaLogC ?

Thanks for your help !

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    Jon Morley

    Hi Thibaut,

    First of all thanks for the documentation heads up. I updated them to reflect the following:

    The default (0), means no log to linear transform, 1 uses the cineon transform
    (see cineon.whiteCodeValue and cineon.blackCodeValue below), 2 means use
    the Viper camera log to linear transform, and 3 means use LogC log to linear

    Though I also wanted to point out that you will be better off calling the rvui methods that set the transforms because they will handle disabling whatever other mode is active. I think you will want to use something like the following:


    The setLinConvert method in rvui returns a method for handling events. By calling it with "nil" you will trigger the change of linearization. Please give this a shot.