disable caching via command line?

Hi guys - just wondering if there's a flag I'm not seeing that will allow me to explicitly disable caching.  We're using RV to view some training vids we've made on our wiki - it works much better than linux's mplayer for our purposes, especially with the handler protocol.  But when I launch + play the vids, they bog down because most people have caching turned on.  I can override their prefs but that turns off anything else they might have enabled.  I can multithread it but that takes up too many resources.  I just want to turn off caching for the session.  Possible?

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    Alan Trombla

    Hi J,

    There isn't a command line argument to turn off caching at the moment (sorry!), but you can do it from the command line if you're willing to do some scripting there (you'd want to do this in a wrapper, or otherwise programmatically).  Here's the incantation:

    rv foo.mov -eval 'require app_utils; app_utils.bind("after-progressive-loading", function: (void; Event event) { setCacheMode(CacheOff); });'

    Hope that helps,