Stereo Prefs from command line?

Hi, we have a shell script that wraps rv.  One thing it does is detect if a stereo eye exists in another folder and sets up rv command line appropriately, along with other command line options.  Problem is that some renders are stereo and some are not, some of our monitors support stereo, etc.  If we have "rv -> Pref -> Default stereo mode" set to anything but "No Stereo" for flipbooking on some systems, we get all sorts of errors and bad playback. 

So I'd like to be able to toggle "Default Stereo Mode" by command-line.  I don't see a way to do this, but maybe I'm wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Sean,

    I realize it has been a long time since you wrote this, but I wanted to check and see if you got your setup sorted out.

    If you already wrapped RV and change the launch parameters based on detecting stereo why don't you leave the default as No Stereo and then pass the desired stereo mode with -stereo <option> on launch. Would that work for you?

    -stereo %S              Stereo mode (hardware, checker, scanline, anaglyph, left, right, pair, mirror, hsqueezed, vsqueezed)

    Also, since you posted this question RV has improved stereo performance and configurability in a number of ways. One such way is with the new Autoload Stereo Package that helps find matching material. You may want to read more about that in the package info tab inside RV's preference pane.

    Please let me know.