playing more than two consecutive dpx sequences at 24fps

were trying to figure out if rv can play multiple sequences of a full short. We're running dpx files at 8mb a piece, around 300 files per sequence. Playing sequences in stereoscopic with L and R at full resolution. Machine specs is a dual quad core 2.26 macpro with 10.6.6 and 8gb of ram. I assigned 7 threads to rv with cache set at 6gb. The sequence files are located on the local dekstop. I've only been successful with playing two consecutive sequences. Anything after that fps drops between 5 to 10 frames per sec. Is there anything we can do hardware wise to achieve our goal of playing 5 or more consecutive sequences?

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    Seth Rosenthal

    Hello Darwin,

    We can follow up in detail on the support ticket, but I'll post this response for anyone else who is curious:

    RV can stream any number of sources continuously from disk if you have enough IO bandwidth.  Alternatively, with 64 bit verisons of RV a very large cache of RAM can be used to load more frames into memory for playback.

    Streaming playback of large frames like this (esp in stereo) requires a lot of IO bandwidth and a RAID of some sort or other fast device is required.

    There is an article here about tuning RV streaming playback: