RV Sync Protocol Documentation?

Is there any documentation out there for the RV sync protocol? Not just documentation for constructing rvlink:// urls, but the protocol itself.



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    Seth Rosenthal

    Hey Alex,

    RV comes with a Python API to the network protocol and some simple Python example apps that can communicate with and control RV using the sync protocol. RV also comes with the source code for a C++ QT GUI application that can talk to and control RV using the protocol.

    These are probably the best place to start. In particular the Python examples are fairly straightforward and easy to modify and experiment with.

    To get an idea of what you can do with sync, you can look at the RV/Nuke integration video. This uses the RV network protocol  to make a live connection between the two apps. In that case we use Python on the Nuke side and Mu on the RV side.



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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Alex,

    To add to Seth's comments: In a way there isn't really a "sync protocol".  There is a low-level messaging protocol that RV implements (and we provide additional implementations in python and Qt/C++, as Seth mentioned).  Once the messaging cnnection is established, you can send events and remotely execute scripting code on the RV side and that's how Remote Sync is implemented.

    For your reference, the python API to the messaging protocol is implemented (with some sample applications) in src/python/network, and the sample Qt/C++ app is in src/rvshell.

    RV's Remote Sync functionality is implemented at the scripting level (on top of the messaging protocol) in plugins/Mu/sync.mu.

    Hope that helps,