adding multiline text comments to the 'simpleslate' overlay.


I was wondering how can I make the "simpleslate" overlay support mutliline text. since the scripts uses "drawNameValuePairs" function it seems that there is no mutliline support (?). I tried using  gltext.writeAtNL just so I can write multiline comments but because the "drawNameValuePairs" is dynamic I am having problems making all the text live in peace ;)

whats the easiest way to add mutiline comments to the slate ?

Thanks in advance


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    Ran Avigad

    I will answer my own question but if there is a better answer please share :)

    after few more tryouts I decide to go with breaking the comment newlines in python before I supply it to the Mu script and supply the first line as:

    "comment:%s" % line

    and any following comment line as

    ":%s" % line

    so my rvio cmdline looks like:

    rvio sh0001.mov -overlay simpleslate "CompanyName" "Show=XXX" "Seq=00100" "Shot=0001" "Type=previz" "Artist=Alex" "time=Tue, 16 Nov 2010 13:12:47" "Comments=bla bla bla " "=bla bla bla" "=bla bla bla" -o sh0001_overlay.mov




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    Alan Trombla


    That's what I was going to to suggest.  Glad it's working for you!