"Right-click -> Open" sequence functionality (Windows)

I feel like this is a case of me overlooking a setting somewhere, but is there a way to have RV auto-detect sequences when I do a Right-click -> Open on a single frame in a sequence? If I do this now, it just opens that single frame (not all that useful...), so I have to drag-and-drop an entire folder of frames into RV to get it to open the whole sequence. DJV (the sequence player I used previously) would find all frames in a sequence if you just open a single frame of that sequence.

Hope this makes sense...


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    Seth Rosenthal

    Hey Nathan,

    There is an RV package called "Sequence from File" that will setup RV to automatically find a full sequence based on an individual file name. That might do what you are looking for. You can download packages from the Tweak website.




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    Nathan Rusch

    Thanks Seth. Got the package link from Alan, and it works a treat!

    Much appreciated.

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    octavio de lellis



    got the 'sequence from file' package...trying it with JPG's sometimes they work and others they donts..tried renaming them and again it works sometimes...

    is there a limit in the number of characters..or a preference on how it deals with the sequence numbering?


    ***.0001.jpg  or  ***0001.jpg   ??


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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Octavio,

    As you can imagine, there are about a bazillion ways that people insert frame numbers into filenames.  RV tries to be super flexible and figure out whatever it's given, but I'm sure there are some cases that won't work.  We're in the middle of a development cycle at the moment, so if you have particular examples that don't work, please send them on and we'll try to be sure they work in the next release (which should be in BETA in a couple of months).  If you would like us to add you to the BETA mailing list so that you can test it out early, please drop us a line at support@tweakadmin.com.

    Of the two examples you give, i'd expect the first (***.0001.jpg) to work better.