RVIO and Error reporting

Hi Guys,

So I am creating a Mu script to manage a frameburn.  While editing the code on Windows XP 64 I noticed that RVIO gives very little feedback as to where error is in the Mu code. This is kind of a pain.  It means that I have to code very small chunks of code and run the Mu script much more frequently otherwise I could be hunting for the errors for a long time. After talking to Seth he expressed that this was not necessarily the case with Mu scripts inside of RV.  It would be valuable to offer the level of debuging in RV inside of RVIO.  Attached is a sample of the descriptive nature of the error reporting from RVIO:

ERROR: while loading source module "C:/Program Files (x86)/Tweak/rv-win32-x86-3.6.10/plugins/Mu/zoic_frameburn.mu"
ERROR: syntax error

Please Help!


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    Jim Hourihan

    Hi Mike, this is probably one of these windows console problems where the actual error message with the line location is being swallowed. I'm about to do an overhaul for the beta so I'll take a look at that.



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    Alan Trombla

    For the record, this should be fixed in the current release (3.8.6).