Publish using tk-multi-publish from another app.

Is there a way to do this?


I am writing a multi playblast app to manage playblasts in 3ds Max, Maya and Houdini. When the user decides to submit a playblast I want to publish the workfile automatically, version up the workfile and submit the playblast images with the linked publish. As far as I can see the only way to do this currently is to replicate a lot of the code in tk-multi-publish along with all the hooks for application specific code. That would make this app really cumbersome and also mean maintaining two sets of publish hooks that did the same thing. I looked at possibly forking the tk-multi-publish app but the logic seems heavily integrated with the ui so I can't find a way to run a simple publish without the ui.


Is there a better way?

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    Rob Blau

    Hi Daniel,

    The way we've implemented this kind of thing in the past with other apps is to add an API to the app which allows you to invoke it without having to go through the UI (which we've done in the breakdown app).  The publish app does not have this kind of API so there isn't really a way to avoid that duplicate code (although you can still call the same hooks as the app so that logic should be reusable).

    We are designing out our next generation publish app and this is a good reminder that as we implement that application we should make sure to give it an API so that publishing can be done from a script or another tool.

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    Daniel Lloyd-Wood

    Hi Rob,

    I thought that would be the case. I've decided to leave the publish out of the app for now because I'm not sure I want to update the publish every time a playblast is submitted. I think it might lead to too many publishes. It would still be great to have an API for the publish app though. I can see that being very useful going forward. Looking forward to the next generation!