Setting up file system


I working from this doc.

I'm trying to change our file system so I get the following in Maya:

asset_root: assets/{sg_asset_type}/{Asset}/{Step}/{Task}

I changed my asset_type.yml in the schema to:

# the type of dynamic content was "shotgun_list_field"
type: "shotgun_task"

# the shotgun entity type to connect to
entity_type: "Asset"

# switch this to true if you only want to make folders for
# values that are being used. Note that evaluating this is
# expensive and may potentially slow down folder creation.
skip_unused: false

# the shotgun field to use for the folder name "sg_asset_type"
name: "content"

In the template file I only task_name under mari section. Do I need to create a new key for tasks?


  type: str


Or something like that?



I can't seem to get it right.


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    Jason Leue

    I got it.

    I need to create a new folder with and new yml.