Why would a back burner job fail to get submitted?

I'm trying to switch on another company to ShotgunStudio and everyone's really into it.

However, I can't manage to get the back burner job successfully submitted.

The shot publish works, the media gets made locally but no connection to shotgun studio occurs.

I've tried looking for back burner manager names or hosts, I've changed the backburner_shared_tmp directory.

Any clues as to why this could be failing?

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    Manne Öhrström


    What does your backburner setup look like? Do you run a a small farm with multiple machines processing jobs? Or is it all running local?

    The first thing I would try doing is to enable debug logging for the Flame engine - by editing the config (same place as that backburner_shared_tmp and set debug to true). Now there should be lots of information written to /usr/discreet/log/tk-flame.log. See if there is anything obvious in there - if not, feel free to email our support with that file and we can take a look and start troubleshooting!