can I rerun tank setup_project and associate it to an existing project?

We have to run Shotgun through a proxy, which is a total pain, but it has caused me an issue. (I thought we had allowed it access to all ports/url's but it looks like I've missed one)

I have set up my project in Shotgun and made assets and assigned tasks etc...

I then went to set up the shotgun API through the command shell (cmd.exe) and chose the default option for the config for my project.

However when the config was installing itself it ran into an address in the proxy that it wasn't able to bypass and it didn't finish installing.

If I try to rerun the installation but use an existing config instead, I can't associate my project with that config, because it already thinks it has one. It doesn't turn up in the list of available projects, (where you enter the project id.)

Below are all projects that have not yet been set up with Toolkit:

[72] TestProject
[No description]


Is there a way to delete the config data in the software\shotgun folder and break the link for the project so I can basically restart the config installation from scratch?

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