deadline_integration 1.0 assigned as user from data generated from Deadline Render farm

We are using Deadline for our render farm, and using Draft to generate QuickTime's after frames have been rendered.

However, when Shotgun brings that data in as a version it produces the following:

deadline_integration 1.0 changed the status of Version hg_0110_${task}
11:59 AM
I can't seem to figure out why Shotgun is assigning the User as Deadline instead of the user that submitted the job. I've attached an image that shows that Deadline knows who I am when it makes the QuickTime, so I'm guessing I'm not doing something correctly in Shotgun.
Our users have consistent log-in names across Shotgun, Deadline & Workstations, but I think somewhere along the line Deadline is taking over and I'm at a loss to determine why.
Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can determine who is making what.


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    Chris French

    We originally created our Deadline Integration script for Deadline v6.

    Is it OK to still use this one or do we need to generate a new one now that we are using Deadline 7 to render?