How can I change the path in my pipeline toolkit?

Hello support,

I made an error when configuring my pipeline toolkit where I get the error:

The following was reported from the Shotgun Pipeline Tookit:
An error was reported when trying to load the actions for this Configuration:
Could not find the Tank Configuration /Volumes/paul_nas/flame_shotgun/paul_2/software on Disk!

How can I edit the path of where the Tank Configurations can be found? 


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    Mike Fisher

    The PipelineConfiguration entity in Shotgun contains this info.


    You have to edit the mac_path field with Shotgun API. You can't do that from the SG site.

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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello there Paul!

    Just wanted to ping this thread and check if you managed to make the necessary edits ok?

    Sometimes you need to change a couple of config files too in addition to just editing the shotgun config before you can get it running.

    Let me know if you want us to go through any of this in greater detail!


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    Benjamin Lipman

    I also need to do this. Why can't we add Mac and Linux paths after the fact?