Show in File System to Open only one folder

We're currently setting up our folder structure and part of how it works is that animators and compositors have entirely different folders both with episodes, sequences and shots inside them. The kind of paths we have are:


We've made this structure and it builds fine, except that when you choose the "Show in File System" option from shotgun it jumps to opening all folders that have been created for the entity instead of just the relevant one. Is there a way to possibly have multiple menu entries for different departments eg.

Show in File System (this could be the default one that opens all folders)
AnimationShow in File System
Comp: Show in File System

I know I could technically achieve this with cloned configs, but then that would mean having to create them as separate file structures that are just neighbouring (at least that's what it seems like) and removes the default behaviour that could be useful at times. Is there a way to customise the options a bit in this direction even with something as simple as specifying a limited directory?

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