Shotgun Desktop App project setup folders issue


I thought I would try out the project setup in shotgun desktop app for the first time, up until now we have been doing it through a command line.

However I have run into an issue that means I am unable to create the folders. When setting up a project through the command line we have the toolkit "project_name.py" set to the following.

name = "%s/%s/%s" % ( sg_data['sg_manufacturer'], sg_data["sg_product_code"] ,sg_data['name'])

The first issue I come up with is that it doesn't offer to create that folder structure for me.

So I then try and manually write the path into the box, for example:


I also tried just 


however this then comes up with a message saying I cant have this name because I can only use alphanumerics,underscores and dashes?

I have conformed to these rules haven't I?

It seems to run into issues the second I add a "\"




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