SGTK Publishing in Deadline Monitor?

Hello all,

I've already posted the question below to Thinkbox/Deadline and Shotgun but it seems that it doesn't fit into their road-map at the moment.

So, I'm left with posing the question to the community and wanted to know if anyone has integrated Publishing into Deadline Monitor?

So, here's the scenario/idea.....

  • Submit to Deadline via application [e.g. Nuke].

  • In the Submit to Deadline UI, choose [Shotgun/Draft], [Connect to Shotgun... / Submit Shotgun Info With Job].  Fill in your [Job Options] as usual. Hit OK.

  • Job is now rendering on the farm.

  • Upon completion, the Version is created in Shotgun for that particular shot/task with the following:

    • Version Name of Nuke script

    • Path to Frames of the rendered output

  • In Deadline Monitor, you will monitor your job and upon completion, the artist can review their render via Deadline Monitor's [Image Viewer] by double clicking on one of the frame ranges under the [Tasks] tab. Our setup uses RV as our default [Image Viewer] and the entire image sequence is loaded in RV for review.

  • If all looks good after review, you can right click on the jobID in Deadline Monitor and select [CreateShotgunPublish] from [Deadline Monitor->Scripts->CreateShotgunPublish]. This will open a [CreateShotgunPublish] UI, that will look similar to the [Shotgun: Publish] UI in an application like Nuke --> See attached image [ShotgunPublish_Nuke_UI.png] or similar to the [Deadline Monitor->Scripts->CreateShotgunVersion] UI --> See attached image [ShotgunSettingsAPI.png], that could have a few extra radio buttons that give you the option of things you'd like to have published or created [as mentioned below].

  • In the [CreateShotgunPublish] UI, you have the option to select whatever items you would like to publish and secondary items you'd like to create. A thumbnail of your selected version will be based on the middle frame of the shot. Options would be:

    • [x] Publish Renders and Scene file

    • [x] Create quicktime and send to Screening Room

    • [x] Create client quicktime [lut, cdl, burn-ins]

    • [x] Create client DPX and or quicktime output [renumbers and renames rendered output based on client specs]

    • [  ] etc....

  • There are other things to consider, like how do you publish a scene file, if the scene file was submitted with the job as an Auxiliary file and probably a multitude of other things I'm not mentioning here. 

  • BUT, using this method as a one stop shop for reviewing, publishing [Renders, Scene files] and for Quicktime creation and not tying up your interactive application session, would be great.
  • As far as I can tell, this method is only beneficial to anything that can be submitted to the farm and outputs a product like [e.g. renders, quicktimes]. 
If anyone has integrated this into Deadline Monitor, would you mind sharing your code? Yeah, I know... It's like asking a co-worker how much they make per week, but I don't want to beat around the bush here. This process has been commented on from Deadline and Shotgun : "I definitely can see the usefulness in that workflow" & "I see the workflow that you are outlining and agree that it would be pretty sweet". I'm also asking because I'm buried with other tasks that need attention and don't have time to dive into this.
Thanks for any and all feedback!


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