Multiple "Primary's" for per class project?

Dear Pipeline lifesavers!

Thanks for accepting my application for the forums! I am currently a student at the Dutch Filmacademie in Amsterdam, active as a VFX Producer.

Recently my school has tasked me with the exciting project to start integrading Shotgun and the Shotgun Toolkit as a basic structure for our project management! The last week I have been reading a lot into how the system works, wich is a lot in such a short time, but I understand the basic principles of how the system works. Except scripting... Although I have worked before with basic scripting such as PHP and Javascript/C#, Python is still a mystery for me. I can read it and most of the time, understand it, but writing it myself...

Now, I have a question:

- Our school has made seperate folders on 1 server for every VFX class (four in total) to work on (IP\1styear IP\2ndyear etc.). Now, what I would like to do is that when a VFX Supervisor in one of our classes starts up a new project, I want him or her to be able to type in the "local file storage" path to their correct folder in the SPT. When you remove the path of the primary within Shotgun, and you start a new project, it leaves the paths blank and you are able to fill it in yourself. However, when I have set up that project, it takes those new settings and makes it the primary file storage path for all projects, wich in turn makes it impossible for the next supervisor who creates a project to enter his own path.

Ive tried a couple of other things, like making more local file storages, calling them "VFX2016" "VFX2017" etc. and trying to link it up after the configuration is complete (the root.yml and schema/project.yml), but I figured there is a little bit more to it then changing the root, seeing every result was an error ;-) ... I also tried making a template project where the primary in roots.yml is referring to the correct path. When I create a new project using the configuration of the template project, it still picks out the primary (although in the roots.yml there is a full path behind "primary:", refering to the correct path) from Shotgun. (I changed the primary path in Shotgun to see if it would pick the path from the roots.yml or from Shotgun itself)

I am really lost here, there is a lot of documentation wich is awesome but very overwhelming for someone who has just started digging into Pipelines and Project Management Programs. Is there a way that, whenever you set up a project, that you are always able to fill in the Local File Storage paths yourself?

With high regards,

Tim Groot

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    FYI, we're working through this in a support ticket and will post the results back when it's resolved!

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    Matt Plummer

    Was this ever resolved? I'm dealing with a similar problem here.