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At the university we have a great setup with Shotgun/Hiero/Nuke. Dailies are updated easily made by the students and updated in the master reel in Hiero just the way we like it. In the real world I'm consulting on a 2d feature. The budget is much tighter and I need a dailies system similar to what I have at the Uni. We'll be able to get Hiero for the master edit, but no Nuke seats. Would I be able to replicate the pipeline by getting RV and making dailies from it?  Alternatively, we'll be making dailies from image sequences, would it be possible to use the api to create proper dailies with slate burn-in and everything going in the right place so they can be easily picked up by Hiero as well as properly viewed in Screening Room?

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Rob Blau

    Hi Steven,

    We've talked on our team about what an RV engine would be like and what kind of apps would be useful for it.  There is already some Version creation logic available in the RV Shotgun integration, and Tweak has a python api that you can run from within RV as well as a standalone one to be able to more easily create RV session files.  The session file one in particular would let you build a dailies session for RV (if you look for a file called rvSession.py in your RV install, that's the API).  You could transcode using RV/RVIO based on those session files and as long as the paths were in places that Hiero was looking, those transcoded images (with burnin) would be available for Hiero to pull in.

    But that is all just raw materials.  Currently you'd need to use those pieces to put together the workflow you are talking about, since we don't have it wrapped up for you yet.

    If you are going to be putting something like that together, we'd be happy to help out with pointers and advice.  We know the Shotgun integration pretty well, and various people on the Toolkit team have done RV work at studios.  Let us know!

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    Steven Quinones

    Thanks very much. I'll take a look and ask questions when I get stuck.