3ds Max Design 2014 and SGTK


I'm trying to get SGTK set up within 3dsmax design 2014 on Windows.

I ran through the setup information linked to here: https://toolkit.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/22957912

but it wouldn't work.

I'm getting errors with the Blur Python Extension on

The startup scripts (MAX_PATH/scripts/Startup/init_python) are calling "python.run" as do the ones in the 3dsmax engine, but the python command should be "python.ExecuteFile" should it not?


I've attached the error message I get when I load Max after installing the Blur Plugin.


Any ideas?






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    We don't expect the Blur python extension to work with 3ds Max Design. This version of 3ds Max doesn't have an SDK. We contacted Blur to inquire about it and they said they had not tested it with Design but don't expect that the extensions would work at all. Since Toolkit requires these for 3ds Max 2014 we'd have to say that Design would be unsupported at this time.

    Instead, we'd recommend either using 3ds Max 2014 (not Design) with the Blur extensions. Or better yet, 3ds Max 2015 with the built-in Max Plus Python support. Note that this version uses the newer 3ds Max Plus Engine.