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I am creating a slate using Deadline and placing it at frame 1. Can I have that frame be edited out when I bring it into Screening Room.

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    Hi Christopher,

    There is support for skipping the slate in both Screening Room for RV and the web player. On the Version entity, there's a checkbox field named Frames Have Slate (sg_frames_have_slate). When this is checked, Screening Room for RV will detect that and sill skip the first frame in the sequence. There's also a checkbox field named Movie Has Slate (sg_movie_has_slate) which the web player will detect if checked, and skip the first frame for playback.

    Depending on how you're publishing Versions and frames with Toolkit, you should be able to modify the appropriate hook pretty easily to check these fields when necessary so the playback respects them. If you have a specific question about it, feel free to let us know and we'll walk you through the details.