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I've been having a huge issue linking my Shotgun account to the "Work Area" tasks. Everything I've done thus far (changing Environment USERNAME, attempting to edit the Hook, and even changing my system name) have yet to work. Is there anything else I should be doing. I'd really like to get this up and running today.



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    Kevin Riach


    We ended up having to actually create new users on each of the machines in order to get the "My Tasks" filter to work correctly. Its not a huge issue, but its not exactly practical for us moving forward. I know the Shotgun team is working on getting that feature to link up with Shotgun Desktop in the future, but is there an ETA on when we might see that feature implemented? If not, is there a way I could get someone to walk me through how to implement that myself?


    On a somewhat similar note, where does Maya pull its env's from? We attempted to add/edit env USERNAME to match the Shotgun user, but the Maya launched from Shotgun didn't recognize any changes to the system env.




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    Alan Dann

    Hi Kevin,

    Just curious if you managed to get this working (and sorry nobody replied earlier!)

    If you're on Windows and your USERNAME env var matches your Shotgun log-in (the login field in the user entity in Shotgun) then everything should be fine.

    What exactly is going wrong?  Is it not showing the correct thing when you filter on 'My Tasks'?