firefox plugin's 'open in associated application' button looking for tk-shotgun-launchmaya in shotgun_publishedfile environment

When looking at a published maya file in my browser I can select 'open in associated application' in the drop down menu set.  Unfortunately it does not work, reporting that 'tk-shotgun-launchmaya' is not defined in 'shotgun_publishedfile' environment.

I cannot find 'tk-shotgun-launchmaya' defined anywhere in the tk-config-default toolkit configuration.

Opening a published file from the browser with the 'open in associated application' button works if I simply add the following line to the shotgun_publishedfile.yml environment.

tk-shotgun-launchmaya: '@launch_maya'


Should the plugin be looking for tk-multi-launchmaya instead or is something else amiss?  Should I investigate how to modify the browser plugin behavior without modding the app_store app?






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    Manne Öhrström


    This is a bug – however it should be quick to fix! And yes, adding that entry to the env file should work around the issue.

    I'll create a dev ticket now and will ping you when we have a fix released!

    thanks for reporting this!