RuntimeError: ShotgunQuickDaily.mov_writer: Success ??

ok so im using Nuke8.0v4 and when i try to create a quick daily i get a warning dialog with the following traceback:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 11, in <module>
  File "/springfield/projects/staging/pipelinenew01/tank/install/apps/app_store/tk-nuke-quickdailies/v0.1.8/app.py", line 305, in create_daily_v1
    self._render(group_node, mov_path, png_path)
  File "/springfield/projects/staging/pipelinenew01/tank/install/apps/app_store/tk-nuke-quickdailies/v0.1.8/app.py", line 189, in _render
RuntimeError: ShotgunQuickDaily.mov_writer: Success


strange thing the error says success.

i searched the forum for an answer and i tried the fix described in this post:


but no luck eventhough the code apears as the user described:


any ideas?



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    Ryan Mayeda

    We had another client report what sounds like a similar issue.

    In your case, is the quicktime actually written out (i.e. does the error happen after the render)?  I'm guessing no?

    The spot in the code you point out is where we're checking out the other issue.  We thought we had the right basic default value there, but maybe something has changed (?).  In any case, we are further diagnosing the problem, but if you want to try a quick fix, you could patch that section of the code (starting line 174) to look like this:

    elif sys.platform == "linux2":
        mov_out["format"].setValue("MOV format (mov)")

    That's what our engineers are checking now, and we will hopefully have an app update next week.  But if you want to try it now, it would be cool to hear if that (relatively minor) change fixes it on your end...


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    Luis Fernando Villanueva Pérez

    also im testing this using the latest core, apps and frameworks with shtgun desktop and using centos 6.5 stella.

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    Luis Fernando Villanueva Pérez

    seems that this succesfuly fixes the error though no uploaded movie is registered for the version. I can't play this version in screening room. i wonder if i could modify this app so that it calls tk-multi-reviewsubmission Submitter (https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/tk-multi-reviewsubmission/blob/master/app.py#L110) so that it registers versions the same way. what do you think?

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    Ryan Mayeda

    Yeah, the lack of an upload option for tk-multi-quickdailies is a shortcoming in the app still.

    It's interesting that you ask about making the quickdailies app call tk-multi-reviewsubmission, as we drew the same conclusion ourselves!  That work is in a branch now, but we were never able to come back and finish it up because we were pulled away on other priorities.  Maybe now is the time to polish it off and make the switch...


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    We have released a new version of tk-nuke-quickdailies that supports uploading the movie to Shotgun for review in the web player. This setting is false by default to maintain backwards compatibility, but setting it to true in your environment config will turn on this feature. We've also updated the codec settings to support knob name changes in Nuke 9 on all platforms as well as the new mov64 writer on linux which replaces ffmpeg.